Journal «Science and School», № 1, 2020 year



Literary Studies (10.01.00)


Khairullin R. Z., Sharyafetdinov R. Kh. Reflection of the traditions and mentality of the people in the national literature of the XX century

Kurmanina T. S. Features of the regional agenda in the federal news agency (on the example of the Interfax news agency)

Soldatkina Ya. V. Edutainment in contemporary network media: journalistic formats and technologies

Dvoryankina I. S. Historical process and historical time in Tom Stoppard’s drama


Pedagogics (13.00.00)


Bolotova E. L. The mission of Russian schools abroad was discussed at the II International Congress “In Russian. In the context of multilingualism”

Almazova A. A., Lagutina A. V., Lyubimova M. M. Network information technologies as a way of promoting ideas, knowledge and research results in the field of speech therapy

Skryabinа D. Yu., Bazhenova V. V. Psychological and pedagogical support for junior schoolchildren with special educational needs in the inclusive space of educational organizations

Nuzhnova N. M. Formation of professional readiness of future primary school teachers to ensure social partnership with parents in the nomadic school of the far north


Vishnyakov S. A., Makhaeva R. S. The modern paradigm of teaching and studying Russian as a foreign language in Russia and European countries

Nepoklonova E. O. Formation of the basis of students’ research activity using the example of solving linguistic problems

Gu Shiyi. “Difficult areas” in the study of historical and cultural authentic texts by Chinese philology students

Linkov V. V., Katashev I. A. Comprehension of the issues of moral education and development in Surdopedagogics

Yakubova F. R. Inclusive culture – a key factor for success in inclusive education

Dziuban A. V. The features of prosodic side of speech of junior schoolchildren with hearing impairment as part of the artistic perception of the poetic text


Deza E. I., Kotova L. V., Lebedeva E. S. Theory and practice of teaching school and university students the basics of information security

Politsinsky E. V. Implementation of technology of preparation of students and schoolchildren in physics based on advanced independent work by means of multi-level physical-technological educational and methodological complex

Ivanova K. Yu. The use of grid technology in teaching foreign language writing in senior specialized schools (philological course)

Rechitskaya E. G., Belaya N. A. Differential diagnosis as one of the conditions for proper rehabilitation of cochlear implanted children


Krasheninnikova E. I., Mironcheva O. A. Use of lexical transformations in translating scientific texts

Yudin A. P., Lu Nianqiao. Piano music by composers of the “Mighty handful” in the repertoire of Chinese students-pianists

Golub E. Yu. Development of cognitive interest of students in the course of research activities in the process of learning the basics of life safety

Ganina N. V. On the role of rehearsal exam in chemistry in the system of training courses


Lazarev M. A. The evolution of the cultural influence of classicism and baroque in the development of scientific knowledge in Russia: the problem of anthropologism and the development of science

Ovcharov A. V., Betenkov F. M., Gryaznov A. S. The ratio of random and natural in physical discoveries