Editorial policy

  • Compliance of the contents of the articles with scientific fields of the journal.
  • Compliance with the aims and objectives.
  • Focus on a specific target audience.
  • High level of reviewing (double blind reviewing).
  • Geographical diversity of the editors.
  • Geographical diversity of the authors.

The editorial policy of the journal is to create conditions for the publication followed by a discussion on its pages and on the website of innovative research materials of Russian and foreign authors in a wide range of problems of higher pedagogical and general secondary education.

The mission of the journal is:

  • to support innovative initiatives in the field of educational policy, theory and practice;
  • to publish the most important materials and discussions on updating the contents of economic and legal models of pedagogical education at all levels in accordance with state standards;
  • to provide the general public and pedagogical discussion of the most actual problems of science and education.

Editorial staff’s activity is guided by the principles of scientific character, objectivity, professionalism, information support of the most important pedagogical and special innovative researches, compliance with norms of publishing ethics.

Scientific field of the journal (in accordance with branches of science): pedagogical sciences, physical and mathematical sciences, philological sciences, biological sciences, chemical sciences.

The target audience of the journal: Russian and foreign experts in the above mentioned fields of science; researchers and experts, teaching staff of universities; post-graduate students, post-doctoral students and students of Russian and foreign universities and research teams, school teachers and administrators.

Aims and objectives
The aim of the journal "Science and School" is defined as an extension of the communicative field for publication, discussion and formation of expert evaluation of scientific ideas in education modernization with the involvement of the most important representatives of Russian and foreign professional associations.

The objectives of the journal are:

  • publication of scientific research results on reforming the contents of professional pedagogical and general secondary education;
  • expanding partnerships with foreign educational and publishing organizations;
  • inclusion of the journal in the international databases Scopus and Web of Science;
  • information support of the professional community on problems of state policy in the field of education; describing of the most significant events in the scientific life and in the system of pedagogical education;
  • improving the culture of reviewing, abstracting and translation into a foreign language of published materials;
  • providing the regularity of the journal, increasing its subscription circulation;
  • improving the quality of the journal website in Russian and English;
  • compliance with the editorial ethics.


Full-text versions of articles published in the journal are available on the website of the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU (

The editorial staff does not take responsibility either for the reliability of the factual materials of the authors cited in the articles or for citation accuracy.

  • the magazine is the royalty-free edition;
  • the fee for reviewing of articles isn't charged;
  • articles of graduate students are published free of charge; the editorial subscription for the magazine is welcomed;
  • The cost of editorial and publishing services for the pre-press publications (literary editing, proofreading, layout, translations check) is 4500 rubles. Payment is made only after receiving a positive review of  the editorial board of the journal and their decision to publish the article in a particular edition.

The decision to publish or to reject incoming materials is made by the editorial board, in accordance with the Regulations on reviewing.

The editorial board reserves the right to make editorial changes in incoming materials, to reduce them, and to reject thematically inappropriate or improperly written manuscripts, scrupulously following the rules of editorial ethics.

Manuscripts rejected by the editorial board are neither reviewed, nor returned.
Reprint of the materials published in the journal is not allowed without the written permission of the editorial board.

By the fact of sending the article to the editorial office the author agrees to publish it in the journal "Science and School", to place it on the journal’s website, to transmit the text to third parties (when it is obligatory) in order to provide the publication citing and to increase the citation index of the author and of the journal.