Journal «Science and School», № 5, 2020 year


Literary Studies (10.01.00)


Abasheva D. V., Sharyafetdinov R. Kh. Motif of Unity in the works on Great Patriotic War as a dominant of national literature

Avtaeva N. O., Chemodanova T. D.Family issues in the humanitarian agenda of Russian media

MurtazinaD. R.Reconsidering a. B. Mariengof's prose in Russian journalism: from perestroika to the present day

Olyunina M. V.Techniques of Yuri Annenkov's verbal painting (on the example of the literary portrait "Boris Pasternak")


Pedagogics (13.00.00)


Yudina E. N. Experience in the use of distance education at the university

Gerasimov M. L., Kazgunov A. A., Orlova I. V., Osipova O. P. Interactive educational systems in the context of e-learning and blended learning

Atanasyan S. L., Safuanov I. S. Teaching geometry in a pedagogical university based on the genetic approach

Kryuchkova E. A. To the issue of the need for a unified concept of school historical education in the Russian Federation

Roshchin S. P., Filippova L. S. Fine arts lesson in a modern school: Moscow electronic school and traditions in teaching drawing



Garanina I. Yu. A model for the formation and development of students' critical thinking in the process of teaching econometrics

Yazykov I. I. The role of transformational text in the development of students' communicative abilities in Russian as a foreign language

Dvadnenko A. V., Bocharov S. S. Pedagogical essence and content of inclusive educational process in children’s institutions of sanatorium type

Shapovalova O. E. Attitude of mentally retarded schoolchildren to the rules of behavior in school



Azarnova A. A., Kspoyan G. N. Prospects for using the expert system to define the level of knowledge of Russian as a foreign language

Emelyanova O. A. Organization of self-study of English in a non-language specialized university based on an online platform

Sentishcheva E. A. Technological aspects of using an electronic simulator in the process of mastering foreign language professional communication by future bachelors in the field of training “38.03.04 State and municipal administration”

Gavrilina O. V. Integration of mathematics and informatics by means of geometry in primary school


Belova N. A., Kashkareva E. A. Didactic possibilities of interdisciplinary task situations in the process of achieving subject results of learning at the integrated Russian language lessons

Božović Danilo. Potential of Church Slavonic lexicology in teaching Serbian students Russian language

Khalilova L. B., Zaimtsyan D. R. Grammar rules of the language and ways of their mastering by children with speech underdevelopment

Shibarshina O. Yu. Taking into account the peculiarities of thinking in the process of speech therapy work on the development of the lexical side of speech in preschool children with erased dysarthria

Koshcheeva O. V. Using the reverse dictionary for overcoming reading disorders among children with general speech underdevelopment



Sukhova E. K., Sidorov I. V. Gzhel Art and Industry Education Institutions in 1937–1948

Mexdi S. H. Azerbaijani thinkers and educators about self-education

Yang Fen. Theoretical accents of a new scientific paradigm in art education