Journal «Science and School», № 1, 2022 year


Literary Studies (10.01.00)


Zhang Wei. The moral and ethical concept of life and death in A. T. Tvardovsky’s poem “Vasily Terkin”

Sharyafetdinov R. Kh. The representation of various bird species as an element of the mythopoetics of modern Tatar literature

Erofeeva N. E. The Irish question and the concept of freedom through the prism of past and present in the works of S. Owenson and J. Johnston

Sudlenkova O. A. Transformation of the soldier’s return mythologeme in English and American literatures



Oparina E. V. The role of the school press center in modern models of media education

Ignatova I. B. Author’s column: transformation in the digital discourse


Pedagogical Sciences (13.00.00)


Lubkov A. V., Litvinova I. V., Goncharov M. A. The Devotional Work – Tradition and the Teacher’s Mission (to the Experience of Moscow Higher Women’s Courses)

Zavarzina L. E., Krivotulova E. V. Pedagogical classes of women’s gymnasiums in the evaluation of contemporaries

Yakuta A. A. The youth of N. A. Lyubimov, his early career in teaching and education

Ignatiev S. E., Zubrilin K. M. The academic school of N. N. Rostovtsev

Perekrestova S. V. Pre-revolution collections of children’s games



Odoevceva I. G., Eyrikh N. V., Kirillova D. A. Experience in the implementation of the additional educational program “School MCP” with the purpose of permanently forming educational results of general and higher mathematical education

Bogomolova E. S., Languev K. A., Kotova N. V., Langueva E. V. The influence of the digital environment on the mental capacity and thinking of students

Loskutov A. F., Purysheva N. S. Providing continuity of teaching physics to students undergoing long-term treatment in in-patient medical clinics

Gusev I. A. Key stages in the hospital pedagogy development within the framework of the project of hospital schools of Russia “UchimZnayem”



Volobueva L. M., Krotova T. V., Paramonova M. Yu., Tolkacheva G. N., Izotova E. I., Osinenko M. V. An adaptive model of professional development of a preschool teacher in the system of additional professional education

Chistov P. D., Vitkovskiy A. N. Creative workshop as the basis for the educational model in higher art teacher education

Pozdnyakova A. A., Kuznetsova G. V., Bazvanova T. N., Kolyadina T. E. Problems of developing and implementing distance learning modules for additional professional training of teachers of Russian as a foreign language



Rudakova E. A., Leifa A. V. The modeling of forming intercultural pedagogical communicative competence of future teachers at the stage of pre-university education

Gornyakova T. A. Some techniques for the formation of skills to read electronic media text

Dmitriev Yu. A. Formation of labor skills and abilities in preschool children



Timofeeva I. L., Sergeeva I. E. About the mistakes of using set theory language symbols in writing sentences with geometric content

Zharikova D. S. Certain aspects of schoolpupils` information culture development while working with popular scientific texts

Yatimov A. R. Lyrical works of Russian poets in university classes at of the Republic of Tajikistan

Ambartsumova E. M., Kruchkova E. A. Distance learning in history and geography lessons: identified problems and approaches to the organization of teaching

Kornev S. V. Formation of a model of information and search activity self-organization of high school students in teaching the Humanities