Journal «Science and School», № 6, 2021 year


Literary Studies (10.01.00)


Nikola M. I. The greek revolution of 1821 in the poetry of A. S. Pushkin and his contemporaries

Kolyadich T. M. Kolyadich T. M. Composition poetics of the novel of Sh. Idiatullin “The last time”

Kuznetsov A. V. The transformation motif in the A. N. and B. N. Strugatsky novel “Ugly swans”



Zemlyanskiy A. V., Zubarkina E. S. Influence of infodemic on children and adolescents


Pedagogical Sciences (13.00.00)


Baranova A. A., Bazhukova I. N., Ofitserova N. Yu. Prospects of the academic class program in Russian schools based on the project activity development

Kuzmicheva T. V., Afonkina Yu. A. Types of professional conduct of a teacher and a psychologist in the process of psychological and pedagogical consultation

Shukhat I. N. Educational system management in the context of organizing the work on the formation of Russian civic identity of schoolchildren (using the example of the Murmansk region)



Su Junyang, Song Ying. Background, main characteristics and trends of updating the supervision system in education and science at the district and county levels in the People’s Republic of China (using the example of the district level of the city of Beijing)

Egupova M. V., Elsaidi M. S. M. Method of implementation of practice-oriented geometry teaching in preparatory school in Egypt

Dmitriev Yu. A., Peyakovich E. Information technologies in pre-school education in Serbia

Niu Yafei. Search for new horizons in pedagogical practice between tradition and innovation (methods of teaching students of oil painting)



Osipova O. P., Stabrovskaya A. V. Academic mobility as a resource for staff capacity formation

Deza E. I. Issues of Subject Training Fundamentalizing of Mathematics Teachers

Vladimirova T. N., Kuptsova I. A., Leskonog N. Yu., Shalamova L. F. Study of the problems of upbringing in the system of higher pedagogical education: socio-cultural background and current practices

Snegova E. S., Efimova S. V., Bagina V. A., Bogdanova S. V., Lvova Yu. M. Study of the interest in pedagogical activity as a factor inspiring the choice of the teaching profession

Zubrilin K. M., Razdobarina L. A., Yakimov I. A. Value-based self-determination of the individual in historical and pedagogical perspectives

Pronina N. A. Formation of the future teacher’s readiness to work in an inclusive group in a preschool educational institution



Khamraeva Е. А., Kozhevnikova М. N., Ryauzova О. Yu., Yudushkina О. V. Creation of sociocultural environment by means of country studies content in teaching Russian as a foreign language

Dmitrenko T. A. Personality-oriented technologies of teaching in the system of higher language education in the context of its digitalization

Shemereko A. S. The model of self-organization development in older preschool children in the process of physical education and recreational activities

Leifa A. V., Bodrug N. S. Structural and functional model of pedagogical technology of professional training of engineers in the system of additional vocational education in the university electronic educational environment



Ovsyannikova O. A. Information and communication approach: the practice of application in the process of forming the speech competence of students of higher educational institutions

Mayorshina S. V., Tarasova M. K., Zhavoronkova A. V. Development of language skills included into speech competences in the context of integration of academic and communicative approaches to foreign language education of first-year pedagogical university students

Osipova N. N., Trofimenko M. P., Moilashova O. V. The opportunities of foreign language teaching of future specialists through distance learning in the context of problem-based and informational approach (using the example of non-language specialities)

Khamenok M. A. Using graphic visualization tools by design students in English language classes

Babina G. V., Lyubimova M. M. Text compression and expansion by school pupils with major speech disorders from cognitive linguistics perspective

Starikova E. A., Nelasova N. A. A system of tasks and exercises aimed at developing the sense of rhythm in schoolchildren in fine arts lessons

Bredihina S. V. The use of Biblical phraseological units in the spiritual and moral education of primary school students