Journal «Science and School», № 1, 2021 year


Literary Studies (10.01.00)


Isaeva A. N. Transformation of the twin myth in Margaret Atwood's short story “Dark lady”

Yansonas O. E. Formation of Charles Tomlinson's creative manner in the context of the American modernists and the representatives of the British movement



Ignatova I. B. Author's column in modern opinion journalism discourse

Soldatkina Ya. V. Literature on the internet and the main directions of media culture development: pre-digital text and its network transformations


Pedagogical Sciences (13.00.00)


Kashchuk S. M. Organization of foreign language teaching with regard to the new version of “Pan-European competences in foreign language mastery” (2018)

Shevarshinova E. I.,Kontsevova S. D.Efficient techniques of preparing high school students for passing the state exam in English (part “Speaking”)



Aleinikova K. A. Personalized Learning in the USA

Demin P. N. Peculiarities of socialization of youth in extracurricular activities abroad (the example of the USA and Finland)

Meng Xia, Li Yingying. The study of implementing the Blended Learning Model of the “Chinese-Russian Translation” Course in the modern context



Nepryakhin V. A. Historiography of civic education in Russia in the post-soviet period (1991–2020)



Almazova A. A., Novitskaia I. V. Communicative competence discursive component formation in a foreign language in postgraduate students trained in the field of special education

Borisov V. Yu., Galyamova E. M., Pershina Zh. A. Features of professional training of primary school teachers in the field of artistic and graphic activities in the context of digital education

Sobina E. S.Medical and biological foundations of professional competence formation of future teachers – speech therapists (using the example of studying the "Neuropathology" course)



Merzlyakova V. P., Bochkova A. A. The formation of synonyms and antonyms vocabulary of preschool children with general speech underdevelopment

Troshina E. P., Baraboshkina E. A., MantulenkoV. V.Using digital technologies in inclusive education

Dzhafarova O. S. Features of creative self-expression of primary school children in various types of artistic activity

Akopyan A. V. The specifics of reading instruction in English at primary school



Maznichenko M. A., Platonovа A. N. Professional difficulties of the teacher and the possibilities of overcoming them by means of integration of scientific and non-scientific forms of presenting pedagogical information

Vlasyuk I. V., Kazakova A. F. Organization of career guidance work in the context of "family – college": practice of interaction

Melnik N. M. Intellectual and information support of professional self-determination of a schoolchild

Stulova G. P.The relationship of speech and singing function in the process of learning to sing



Borshevskaya A. Functional literacy in the context of the current stage of education development

Korneeva E. N. Traditions of decorative and applied art in design

Ukolov P. A.Techniques for enhancing the students’ cognitive activity during the organization and сarrying geoquests out