Journal «Science and School», № 4, 2023 year


Philology (5.9)


Makarova A. A. Аnti-war theme in the works of L. Tolstoy and L. Andreev

Petrova A. A. The Mythologeme “Home” in the works of Russian Emigration writers of the Second Wave (using the example of R. Berezov’s works)

Dzaparova E. B., Khetagurova K. I. Peculiarities of the artistic translation of R. Gamzatov’s poetry into the ossetian language (using the example of the poem “Cranes”

Sokolova N. I. M. Arnold’s poem “Sohrab and Rustum”: Firdousi’s heroes in the Victorian epoch contex



Soldatkina Ya. V., Chernavskij A. S. Generative language models as a crucial phenomenon of media culture at the beginning of the XXI century

Ignatova I. B. Author’s column on literature in the system of modern art-columnism

Makarova P. V., Oparina E. V. Educational function of sports journalism in the system of modern media communication


Pedagogics (5.8)


Kustitskaya T. A., Noskov M. V., Vainshtein Y. V. Predicting learning success: research problems and challenges

Kovtsun A. A. On the priority direction in the communicative functional literacy formation among younger schoolchildren of the Murmansk region

Zverev S. M., Ryabtsev V. K. To the introduction of the concept of “anthropopractice” in the system of socio-humanitarian knowledge. Reflexive and methodological analysis



Antipova A. M., Berezina T. I., Erokhina E. L., Seryakova S. B. The model of continuing teacher education: the experience of Moscow Pedagogical State University

Tyurina N. Sh., Prochukhaeva M. M. Social practice of bachelor students as a new type of practical training of future teachers for professional activities in inclusion

Mariupolskaya T. G. The study of parallel processes in different kinds of art as a way to increase the effectiveness of aesthetic education of future music teachers (based on the material of the consideration of artistic life of Russia at the turn of the XIX–XX centuries)



Tischenko A.A. History of the establishment of subject olympiads in natural sciences in the USSR

Krivko Ia. P., Goncharov M. A. Peculiarities of the transformation of children’s Christmas holidays into New Year Tree holiday on the pages of the pioneer periodical press in the first third of the twentieth century

Efanina Yu. V. Activities of parent committees in the context of interaction between schools and student families in the 1950s (based on the materials of the magazine “Semia i Shkola” (“Family and School”)



Frolkova S. S. Infographics cognitive resources in the Russian language school course (using the example of Morphology section)

Falina S. N. Taking into account the personal psychological qualities of adolescent athletes when teaching geometry in grades 7–9

Mikhailov E. A., Pashentseva M. V. Computer modeling of space magnetic fields in research work of school pupils

Rogatykh S. V. Practical works as a means of developing concepts of substances properties at an advanced level of studying chemistry in school



Pozdnyakova E. V., Malyshenko G. A. Meta-subject tasks in online services as a means of forming mathematical literacy of ninth-grade students

Mirenkova E. V. On improving testing and assessment materials and overcoming “drilling” in preparation for the Unified State Exam in natural sciences

Nikishova N. A. Younger students’ creative abilities activation considering the individual approach in art classes in the additional education system

Zubrilin K. M., Podisov Yu. V., Slyusareva A. E. Organization of independent work of students in the discipline of “Painting” using blended learning format

Shestova Yu. O. Pedagogical system of developing intercultural competence of students participating in international academic mobility



Donald B. Young. Three Decades of International Education Research and Development Collaboration: University of Hawaii and Russian Academy of Sciences