Webpage of Chief Editor

Novichkov Vladimir Borisovich, was born on February 10, 1945 in the Moscow region. Since 1964 he has been constantly connected with the education system. He worked as a teacher, school headmaster, held various posts in the Ministry of Education of the USSR as a Professor and Deputy Director for scientific work in a number of educational and research institutes of education. He worked as a first Deputy of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, as a chief of the Northern District Department of the Moscow Department of Education. Currently he works as an Associate Professor, Institute “Graduate School of Education”, Moscow Pedagogical State University. He is the Editor-in-chief and chairman of the editorial board of the Russian scientific and pedagogical journal of the Moscow Pedagogical State University “Science and School”.

PhD in Education, Associate Professor, has about 100 scientific and methodical publications. Three of them are textbooks, one encyclopedic dictionary "Countries and Peoples" and two monographs.

The sphere of scientific interests is the issues of modernization of the content of education, the national and regional policy in the field of education, and the management of education. He took an active part in the development and implementation of several major international projects with scientists from Italy, Norway, the USA, France, Canada and Finland. He was involved as an expert in the development of educational projects by the Council of Europe.

Outstanding worker of education of the USSR, outstanding worker of public education of the Georgian SSR, Outstanding worker of public education of the Mongolian People's Republic, Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation. He was awarded the medal "In Memory of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow" and the Ushinsky Medal "For merits in the field of pedagogical sciences".